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Chris Columbus spills beans on Robin Williams’ ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ secret sequel

Robin Williams passed away in 2014 due to suicide

Robin Williams almost reprised his role as Mrs Doubtfire in a near-finished sequel before his death.

Ahead of the 30th anniversary for Mrs. Doubtfire, director Chris Columbus, 65, revealed that a “strong” script for the anticipated sequel of the 1993 comedy-drama film was nearly complete.

However, it took some convincing for the late lead actor to come on board, but it was too late by that time as Williams passed away not soon after.

The director explained that Williams didn’t initially want to pursue a sequel because they were not that popular at the time. Columbus remembered that they finally “[talked] about a sequel [in] the year he passed away.”

“We had a script that was written and it was the last time I saw Robin,” he revealed. “I went to his house and we sat down and talked about it and the script was really strong,” he recalled.

However, the Oscar-winning actor had one condition: less Mrs. Doubtfire.

Williams asked Columbus if he “[had] to be in the suit as much this time,” as it was “physically demanding” and probably felt like “running a marathon.”

“So we talked about it and I think he was hoping in the rewrite we would cut back on the Doubtfire character. But then Robin passed away so there will never be a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire,” Columbus recalled.

Prior to his death in 2014, William was reportedly involved with four films, including the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel, Night at the Museum 3, Merry Friggin Christmas, and Boulevard, per the Telegraph.

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