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Bradley Cooper opens up on ‘Maestro’ prosthetic nose decision

Bradley Cooper got the ‘Maestro’ prosthetic nose ‘out of love’

Bradley Cooper detailed the thought process behind his decision for getting a prosthetic nose for his Maestro role.

Bradley Cooper remarked that he wasn’t caught “off guard” by the criticism directed at his prosthetic nose in Maestro and that he still stands by his choice to mimic the features of renowned conductor Leonard Bernstein.

“The truth is…I’d done this whole process out of love, and it’s so clear to me where I come from,” Cooper revealed to CBS.

“My nose is very similar to Lenny’s, actually. I thought, ‘Maybe we don’t need to do it,’ but it’s all about balance, and, you know, my lips are nothing like Lenny’s, and my chin.”

The A Star Is Born actor continuously insisted that he “didn’t look right [without the prosthetic].”

The 48-year-old Cooper added that although the younger Bernstein in the movie had less prosthetics, the makeup artists had to adapt as the character aged.

“By the time he’s older, it’s the whole face [that had prosthetics], so we just had to do it,” added Cooper. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t believe he was a human being.”

Cooper, an Irish-Italian Catholic, sparked controversy in August when the teaser trailer for his highly anticipated movie debuted with Cooper using a prosthetic to give himself a huge nose.

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