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Brad Pitt, Ines de Ramon’s relationship going strong after one year: Source

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon’s romantic relationship are going strong and the rumoured couple are very much in love.

A source told US Weekly, “Brad and Ines’ relationship is going really well. They’re in love.”

“Brad and Ines have an easygoing relationship. They don’t stress each other out,” claimed an insider who revealed that both are still finalising their divorces (Brad from Angelina Jolie while Ines from actor Paul Wesley).

After the news of their relationship made headlines, Brad and Ines are trying keep their relation under the radar.

Source spilled to the outlet, “Brad and Ines aren’t jumping into [marriage] just yet. They are going the distance.”

“Ines is at Brad’s house all the time,” revealed an insider, adding, “He and Ines have the same interests and passions, and they really connect on that level.”

A source also shared, “Ines has also been a comfort through Brad’s ongoing legal battles with Angelina.”

“Ines has been good for Brad’s soul. He’s had such a difficult time going through the divorce with Angie. Ines has given him a lot of hope. She’s a good influence in his life,” noted an insider.

For now, Brad and Ines “are happy to go with the flow”.

“Marriage could be in the cards for them, but neither is excited to run down the aisle soon. They have both been burned before, so taking it easy is right for them,” concluded an insider.

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