Australian sales executive set to become Queen

Australian sales executive set to become Queen

Queen Margrethe II’s surprise abdication has paved the way for Crown Princess Mary to the Danish throne.

The fairy tale rise of an Australian sales executive to the Denmark throne is set to be completed on January 14 when Queen Margrethe leaves the throne.

Prince Frederik, Margrethe’s eldest son, will be crowned as King while his Australian wife Mary will become the Queen.

Mary’s Australian admirers celebrated the move as a fitting finale to a romance that famously began in a rowdy Sydney pub around the time of the Olympics in 2000.

Frederik and Mary tied the knot in 2004. Now, the couple’s ascension to the throne is expected to captivate audiences worldwide.

Mary’s path from Tasmania to the upper rank of the European royalty was cleared on New Year’s Eve by the surprise announcement of Queen Margrethe.

It seems to be major step, as a monarch in Denmark hasn’t abdicated since 1146 when King Eric III gave up the crown to join a monastery, according to the Royal House.

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