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Anya Taylor-Joy ‘psyched’ to shave head for Mad Max Furiosa

Anya Taylor-Joy reveals excitement over shaving head for Mad Max.

Anya Taylor-Joy looked sensational as she posed topless for the June issue of Vogue Australia. 

She expressed her excitement about drastically cutting her hair, saying she was ‘so fking psyched’ to take the plunge. 

The actress donned black high-waisted shorts, sitting in the sunshine with her arms wrapped around herself in an artistic shot for the magazine. 

Her long blonde locks gently rested on her shoulders and back, contrasting with her bold revelation about almost shaving her head for her role as Furiosa in the latest film, A Mad Max Saga, released on Friday.

However, the movie’s director, George Miller, put a stop to her plans. In an interview for the magazine conducted by her co-star, Chris Hemsworth, the actor asked, “You were ready to shave your head, but George wouldn’t let you?” 

Furiosa co-star, echoed her enthusiasm, saying, “I was psyched!” Anya shared, “I’ve been wanting to do it forever, my whole life. 

Other people have an attachment to my hair and that’s like, ‘Fk you, I want it gone.'”

She went on to explain, “I called up everyone on my team, called up Dior, called up Tiffany, and I was like, Listen, I’m gonna be bald, and it’s gonna be great.” 

However, director had other ideas. “George saw me, and he just grabbed my hair and went, Oh, it’s too beautiful. We can’t cut it.”

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