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Wahaj Ali’s shirtless video leaves fans divided | The Express Tribune

Beloved star Wahaj Ali, who continues to win over audiences with his acting prowess and overall charm, has just participated in a rather…unusual project. Shared to his 3.6 million Instagram followers on Tuesday night was a video of him under the white covers of a bedsheet. Sprawled on the bed, lying on his stomach, a shirtless Wahaj ran his hands through his hair in the video and looked back, seemingly glancing over his arms. As he pivoted himself up, the video faded to black.

The video seems to be a part of a project the actor is working on with a clothing brand. In another post, he was seen fully clothed in a dapper blue suit, gazing sideways into the distance whilst delicately clutching a pink flower.

As expected, fans did not know what to do once the video dropped. It took many by surprise, but that did not deter his dedicated fan base from showering the star with love. A bevvy of emojis, like the fire, heart, and heart-eyes emojis – danced their complimentary routine in the comments section of the post. In fact, Nadia Hussain Khan was one of the people who showed their appreciation in such a manner. She left a trail of fire emojis in the comments, making her admiration evident. 

The video did, however, cause a stir, with many debating over the same in the comments. The video did begin in a way that would make anyone do a double-take. The presence of glass made for an unexpected optical illusion, which may have been the case for many who saw the video in a hurry. “Oh, at first glance, I thought something else,” said one Instagram user in the comments, perhaps falling for the same trick one’s own eyes can play.

Another ardent fan requested people to not “spread negativity,” as this video, too, was a part of Wahaj’s work. “He is a very respectable man,” the fan asserted. Two other Instagram users seemed unconvinced. “Very vulgar, not a sophisticated act,” said one. “Not appropriate,” said another.

One Instagram user, however, decided to put their point straight across. “A clothing store starting their promotion with a man without clothes,” they commented. “Yeah, no thanks.” However, the reception of the video remained divided. Where one Instagram user said, “Will you take our lives?” with heart-eyes emojis conveying their affection for the star, another said, “Wahaj is doing inappropriate things.” 

The post, shared twenty hours prior to the penning of this article, has since amassed more than 3,000,000 views and has been liked by more than 140,000 Instagram users. 

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