Viral Now: Xbox Announces Edible Console Made Of Chocolate, Internet Reacts

For gaming fans, their consoles are among their most prized possessions. Companies often launch unique and offbeat consoles to offer a different look or experience. Among the recent ones making waves online is an edible console announced by Microsoft. This special Xbox console is reportedly crafted from chocolate. Yes, you read that right! Xbox has collaborated with Warner Bros. Pictures to create this themed Series X console, controller, and set of chocolates. The collaboration is a promotional move for the film, Wonka, which will be released in theatres next month.
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The console is not a functional one – it is a limited-edition collector’s piece. It has gold Wonka branding on the front, while the controller has a burgundy colour (a nod to that of Willy Wonka’s coat). The console and accessories cannot be bought. They are only available as prizes for a competition being hosted online. Take a look at the official X post below:

The post has received 2 million views and 19K likes so far. Many X users seem to be in favour of the idea. Several have expressed interest in owning such a console. Check out some of the reactions below:
One user quipped, “Now instead of throwing our controller at the wall, we can just eat it? Sounds like a win.”

Another declared, “Would love this so much!! And to show it off to the streams!”

“I’ve never wanted to eat an Xbox Controller before,” stated a third.

One user wrote, “And just like that my dreams and best nightmares joined forces and I’m too old to be as excited as I feel.”

“I just can’t… I’d be hungry all the time with that in my living room. I already have a terrible Cadbury’s habit!” another confessed.

“I would love this for my bf….and then tell him no I’m not hungry. While taking the biggest bite out of the edible controller anyways lol,” wrote one user.

What did you think of this edible console? Let us know in the comment section.
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