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Tristan Thompson confesses he will share his scandalous life with daughter in future

Tristan Thompson’s confession about sharing his life with daughter on The Kardashians 

Tristan Thompson has recently confessed he will talk about his infidelities with his daughter in the future on the latest episode of The Kardashians.

On Thursday’s episode, Tristan was in conversation with Khloe Kardashain’s sister Kourtney where he talked about taking accountability as a parent in front of their kids.

Kourtney said, “Being able to take accountability is always the first step in changing. Also, our kids, they watch our actions not words.”

Tristan responded, “Exactly, I wanted to be a good example to them. When it comes to True and having that conversation, it’s on me to have that conversation because Daddy failed you and Mommy. Mommy didn’t fail you, Tutu.”

“All I can do is be the best I can be, paying it forward to those who are looking up to me and just setting a good example,” remarked the NBA player.

When Kourtney asked about his thoughts on spending his life with Khloe, Tristan commented, “First of all, would I love to be with your sister and spend the rest of my life with her? Of course. My goal is to have my family back as a whole unit.”

“Even though I never grew up with a happy household, I’ve always wanted it. But I’ve done things that put myself in a position out of that,” he added.

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