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Taylor Swift’s father and Travis Kelce dance at Buenos Aires concert

Travis Kelce, seems to be forging a friendship not just with Taylor Swift, but also with her dad, Scott Swift. 

The duo was spotted sharing a VIP tent at Taylor’s recent Buenos Aires concert, where their newfound connection was on full display.

As Taylor serenaded the crowd, she took a moment to give a special shout-out to Travis, playfully changing lyrics in a nod to their romance. 

The real show-stealer, however, was when Travis and Scott raised their hands in unison, seamlessly moving to the beat of the music. 

The camaraderie continued as they grooved along to Taylor’s performance of ‘Vigilante S**t,’ syncing their hand movements with the infectious rhythm.

What’s even more surprising is Scott’s enthusiastic support, considering he’s a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan. 

Despite his allegiance, he proudly sported a Chiefs lanyard around his neck, seemingly giving his seal of approval to Travis and Taylor’s relationship. 

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are not just scoring points on the football field and the music stage but also winning in the family bonding arena. 

Much like Taylor cheering on Travis at his football games, the tables turned as Travis and Taylor’s father, Scott Swift, were seen enjoying the Buenos Aires concert from a VIP tent.

This power couple isn’t just about romance; they’re also bringing their families into the mix. Taylor’s connection with Travis’s mother, Donna Kelce, during football games has been evident.

The duo was frequently seen cheering on Travis from a suite, surrounded by Taylor’s star-studded entourage.

Addressing skeptics who thought romance might distract him, Donna Kelce shared insights with Fox News Digital. 

“Travis is the type who turns criticism into motivation. If you challenge him, he takes it to a new level,” she said, proudly attributing her son’s stellar performance to his unyielding determination.

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