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Taylor Swift goes wild to prove her love for Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift goes wild to prove her love for Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are not holding back when it comes to taking extreme measures to prove their love for one another.

A recent report from Life & Style shed light on the A-list couple’s spending habits, dubbing them the “most excessively spending couple in the world.”

The Midnights artist consistently receives backlash over her irresponsible use of private jet adding to the worsening climate change crisis.

However, the insider suggested it has only doubled since she started dating the NFL player nearly a year ago.

“Taylor and Travis have become international jetsetters and their extravagant spending is off the charts. The multiple bodyguards, the private jets, the deluxe hotel rooms, plus the romantic gestures they’re both known for probably makes them the most excessively spending couple in the world,” they claimed.

Noting, “it’s pretty extreme,” the source explained: “Travis spares no expense in making sure he travels in class when he flies to her concerts all over the world. Since they met, they’ve both spent over a million dollars on private jets.

The couple has “over 20 bodyguards who get paid over a thousand dollars a day,” and the professional athlete spares no expense “to lavish Taylor with things she loves.”

“He’ll spend thousands a day just on filling her dressing room with her favorite flowers, orchids and hydrangeas,” the source continued.

Despite dropping a significant amount of money on each other, they affirmed that “Taylor and Travis don’t even think about the money they’re spending.”

“They like to be comfortable and express their love for each other and this is how they do it,” the insider added.

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