Tata Power Establishes Electric Car Charging Stations On Chandigarh-Shimla Highway

Tata Power has announced the activation of its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure along the Chandigarh-Shimla highway, covering a total distance of 111 kms on the popular route. The strategically positioned EZ Charge stations at Hotel Falcon Crest on Chandigarh-Shimla Highway around Kandaghat and The Oberoi Cecil, Chaura Maidan Road near Shimla, enhance the feasibility of EV travel on the route, the company said. The first charging point for EVs is located at a distance of 83 km from Chandigarh to Hotel Falcon Crest, and the other charging point is at a distance of 26 km from Hotel Falcon Crest to The Oberoi Cecil.

“Consumers can easily locate the two stations using the Tata Power EZ Charge mobile app. They can also make online payments for their charging sessions or use an RFID Card to simply Tap.Charge.Go,” the company statement said.

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EV travellers coming from Delhi to Shimla can also use multiple charging points along the route to Chandigarh, refuel at the scenic Kalaghat Falcon Crest hotel location, and then proceed to Shimla, where they can refill again at Oberoi Shimla or Oberoi Wildflower Shimla, the statement added.

Tata Power said its nationwide EZ Charge network now spreads over 420 cities with more than 62,000 home chargers, 4,900 public and semi-public charging points, and 460 bus-charging stations that are present at diverse and strategic locations expanding EV charging accessibility across the country.

The company is also present across major national and state highways on diverse locations such as hotels, commercial complexes, car dealerships, etc., across more than 25 states and five union territories, it added.

As the EV (electric vehicle) momentum gathers pace, Tata Power, one of India’s largest EV Charging solutions provider, continues to drive the future of sustainable mobility by adding 11,529 new EV Home Chargers in the second quarter of FY24. This brings the total count of Tata Power EV Home Chargers to remarkable 62,000 across India.The widespread availability of Tata Power’s home charging solutions contributes significantly to enhancing the convenience and accessibility of EV charging for Tata Power EZ Charge’s growing customer base. This key milestone is testament to the company’s position as a leading player in advancing the adoption of electric vehicles in India. 

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