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Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs accused of sexual abuse in another explosive lawsuit

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs settled his abuse, rape lawsuit with Cassie just last week

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has landed himself in another sexual assault lawsuit just a week after his settlement with ex-girlfriend Cassie.

In court documents obtained by the Daily Beast, a woman named Joi Dickerson-Neal accused Diddy of drugging, raping, and filming her in 1991.

According to the complaint, Dickerson-Neal alleged that she was just a university student when she “reluctantly agreed to an early dinner with” Combs while on a holiday break in New York City.

“During their date, Combs had intentionally drugged [her], resulting in her being in a physical state where she could not independently stand or walk,” the lawsuit detailed.

Afterwards, Diddy allegedly raped Dickerson-Neal, and “videotaped his crime and distributed the tape to others in the music industry, causing severe harm to Ms. Dickerson-Neal’s reputation, career prospects, and emotional well-being.”

The lawsuit was filed on Thursday – just a day before the expiration of the Adult Survivors Act, which allows people to pursue claims against their abusers despite the statute of limitations.

As with Cassie’s lawsuit, Diddy’s spokesperson denied Dickerson-Neal’s accusations, calling them “a money grab and nothing more,” and declaring that “Ms. Dickerson’s 32-year-old story is made up and not credible.” 

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