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Prince William leaves key royal figure ‘upset’ with major decision

Prince William leaves key royal figure ‘upset’ with future reign plans

Prince William has reportedly been thinking of following a slimmed-down monarchy plan during his reign, however, his decision upset the hardest-working royal Princess Anne.

As per Daily Mail’s royal commentator Richard Eden, the Prince of Wales aims to follow in the footsteps of his father King Charles. 

He claimed that William apparently focused on implementing a streamlined monarchy model which has been followed in European countries, like Sweden and Denmark.

Speaking of the model, the royal expert shared, “…when the older members of the family retire, His Royal Highness won’t be inviting anyone else to become working royals.”

Richard added, “It remains to be seen if WIlliam will even want his two younger children to be working royals.”

As reported by The Mirror, the source said, “That is what William wants. He sees the small European monarchies as the model for the future.”

The Princess Royal has previously expressed serious concerns about the slimmed-down monarchy plan. 

In conversation with CBC News, she said, “Well, I think the ‘slimmed down’ was said in a day when there were a few more people around. It doesn’t sound like a good idea from where I’m standing, I would say. I’m not quite sure what else we can do.”

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