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Morgan Freeman least bothered about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship: Watch

Morgan Freeman’s responds to Taylor Swift’s relationship status with Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s budding relationship are garnering a lot of media attention but Hollywood icon Morgan Freeman isn’t bothered about their relationship status.

In one of the clips posted on Entertainment Tonight official page on Instagram, Morgan was seen speaking on CBS Mornings about his feature in an upcoming Netflix documentary.

During the show, the hosts turned the discussion to Taylor’s new beau Travis Kelce after Morgan confessed, he’s one of the big fans of the Kansas City Chiefs.

When asked about Chief’s player Travis romance with the singer, Morgan gave savage response to the host.

Keeping a straight face, the actor clearly replied, “I don’t think about them at all.”

The host and other guests started laughing on Morgan’s answer and then the actor was asked, “All you care about touchdowns and wins?”

To this, Morgan said, “Well yeah. Are you winning?”

“It is great to watch [Patrick Mahomes] run. He has got a rifle for an arm, that is what I am interested in,” added the actor.

Some fans were happy with Morgan’s answer as one commented, “Why would they ask an Icon like him about a relationship. His answer was the best.”

Another remarked, “Morgan speaking for all of us.”

“I love Taylor Swift but this question is so inconvenient and inappropriate. The man is a legend and has literally no relation to either Travis or Taylor. So why ask him?” a third user added.

Meanwhile, some believed that the “media is hyping this up the same way they did Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie”. 

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