Magic Johnson’s lighthearted jibe at Jimmy Kimmel on yacht adventure

Magic Johnson’s lighthearted jibe at Jimmy Kimmel on yacht adventure

Magic Johnson has playfully responded to Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious photo edits by bringing a cardboard cutout of the talk show host on his summer yacht adventure.

Johnson joked on Instagram: “I sent my plane to pick up my good friend Jimmy Kimmel to join in on the fun in Saint-Tropez for the day.”

The lighthearted exchange began when Kimmel photoshopped himself into Johnson’s vacation photos, prompting the basketball icon to return the favour humorously.

NBA legend’s post started with a photo of himself, his wife Earleatha “Cookie” Johnson, and their friends donning ’80s outfits, posing alongside a cardboard cutout of Jimmy Kimmel, also styled in retro clothing.

The post also featured a brief video showing the cutout placed between two chefs, adding to the lighthearted and playful tone of the upload.

“I knew he was a jack of all trades but between taking over the dance floor and showing off his culinary skills to Chef Daisy and Pastry Chef Hannah, he was the star of the night!” continued Magic in the caption.

Fans couldn’t help but smile that Kimmel was getting closer to formally going on vacation with Magic.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment. Jimmy finally got to party with the crew. I hope he knows how to electric slide,” one fan wrote.

“Jimmy is going to pop up! I see it coming,” another quipped.

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