Luke Combs reveals ‘one of the worst days’ of his life

Luke Combs on missing son’s birth 

Luke Combs shared how he thinks missing the birth of his son was the “worst” day of his life.

The 34-year-old Where the Wild Things Are singer got candid on The Zane Lowe Show to talk about his new album, Fathers and Sons on Thursday.

The vocaist shared about missing the birth of his second son, Beau, in August 2023, when his wife, Nicole, went into labor two and a half weeks early and he was still on tour.

“I’ll never forget the craziest day, probably, in my life — close to it. One of the best and one of the worst days in my life at the same time,” he told Lowe about waking up on Aug. 16 in Sydney, Australia, to bad news from his wife of seven years via message.

“I probably woke up at around 8:00 a.m. or something like that, Australia time, and I had a text from my wife and it said, ‘I’m so sorry, I really tried to not have the baby while you’re gone.’ And God, dude, it sucked,” the Fast Car singer expressed, adding that Beau was born on Aug. 15 in the U.S.

However, he was able to attend the birth virtually.

“I got to see him be born, which was awesome. He wasn’t born yet, but my wife went, she texted me on the way to the hospital and he was two and a half weeks early and I was supposed to be home and I wasn’t,” he said, getting teared up.

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