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Kim Kardashian opens up about Met Gala’s bitter memories

Kim Kardashian opens up about Met Gala’s bitter memories

Kim Kardashian has a history of wearing daring clothes on the red carpet, to which she has drawn both praise and criticism. The reality star did, however, once cry at a criticism of her disputed 2013 Met Gala outfit.

In the most recent episode, while she and her daughter North West were getting ready for the fashion show’s 2023 edition, the founder of SKIMS thought back on previous Met Gala looks.

Recalling the contentious appearance, the fashion mogul stated “When you were in my belly and I wore that floral dress.”

The 10-year-old instantly responded, “I really don’t like that one.”

In sync, Scott Disick, who was near the conversation, also said, “Nobody liked that one.”

However, the American Horror Story actress revealed that the late Robin Williams delivered the most vicious critique, which brought her to tears.

Kim Kardashian opens up about Met Galas bitter memories

After sharing the side-by-side photo online, the late actor made a humorous jab at Kim by saying, “I think I wore it better!” about his Mrs Doubtfire role from the 1993 film.

“I cried when Robin Williams roasted me and posted, ‘Who wore it better?'” she shared. “Me and Mrs Doubtfire.”

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