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Kim Kardashian calls out North West for criticising her Met Gala outfit

Kim Kardashian has called out her 10-year-old daughter, North West, for criticising her Met Gala outfit.

In a recent episode of The Kardashians, the Kardashian-Jenner clan was in the midst of getting ready for this year’s Met Gala, which took place in May. While preparing for the event with her designer, Daniel Rosberry, Kardashian brought her daughter – who she shares with ex Kanye West – along. She was also joined by Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, Scott Disick, and his and the Lemme founder’s 11-year-old  daughter, Penelope.

During a confessional interview, Kardashian started off by noting that North doesn’t hesitate to share her opinions.

“Okay, Daniel, I’m just warning you, North can be critical,” she said. “I mean, I had John Galliano fitting me for a dress, and North was giving notes. I mean, this is just her vibe.”

Kardashian went on to ask her daughter for notes on the outfit, which was a series of pearl necklaces worn over a nude bodysuit. While North previously said during a fitting that she loved her mother’s dress, she still went on to detail some of her issues with the look.

“There’s way too many gaps in the pearls,” she said. “It looks like she’s a Hawaiian girl with her dress all ripped.”

After North claimed that the pearls “look fake,” Kardashian stepped in to correct her. “No, no, no. I think you’re wrong here. These are very expensive, real pearls,” she said. “I think you need a lesson on pearls.”

When Kardashian specified that she was going for “vintage, authentic, pearly girl” with the outfit, North still said: “It’s looking, like beachy.”

After Rosberry quipped that the conversation with North was his “worst nightmare,” Kardashian clarified why she had brought her child to the fitting in the first place. “You were very positive, that’s why I brought you into the conversation,” she said. “You were very positive when you saw it.”

North continued to specify why she didn’t like her mother’s dress, adding: “I like the pearls, I just don’t like that it looks like from the dollar store.”

After North shared her thoughts about some of Kardashian’s previous Met Gala looks, the KKW beauty had one request for her daughter amid the criticism. “Okay, I respect your opinion. Please just be easy on me today, OK?” she said.

North responded by agreeing with her mother, before acknowledging that she “wasn’t going to lie” when giving notes. “I won’t say it at all if you don’t want me to, but I’m not going to lie,” she said.

Kardashian then clarified: “I would never ask you to lie, baby, ok?”

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Later in the episode, the reality star also called her daughter out for a different reason after. While in the hotel room after the Met Gala, she reprimanded North for telling Kendall Jenner that the Skims founder wasn’t a fan of her outfit.

“You need to have some loyalty,” she said. “When mommy talks s*** about people, you cannot go and tell them. Why did you tell Auntie Kendall I hated her outfit?” For the fashion extravaganza, Kendall wore a black shiny, bodysuit with floor-length sleeves.

During a confessional interview with her little sister, Kylie Jenner, Kendall revealed that throughout the evening, Kardashian had been complimenting the outfit. However, according to the model, she later found out that her older sister had different thoughts about the look.

“And then North and Penelope were in my room after, and I go guys, ‘Oh who was your favourite of the night?’ Then they were like, ‘You were actually our favourite,’” Kendall recalled. “And I was like, ‘Your mom said she really liked my look too,’ and [North] goes, ‘She was lying. She told me she did not like your look.’”

While Kylie responded to the story by opening her mouth in shock, Kendall also acknowledged that she was “taken aback” by what North had said. However, the 818 founder still noted that she didn’t let Kardashian’s criticism get to her.

“Whatever, but I was North’s favourite, so that’s all that matters,” Kendall explained. “I guess. And Penelope.”

While North reminded her mother that she didn’t like Kendall’s outfit, Kardashian still emphasised that the 10-year-old shouldn’t have said anything about that.

“There’s a thing about honesty, and there is a thing about loyalty, of like having your mama’s back,” she said. North then responded: “Well you never told me to not tell. I always don’t tell when you say to not tell.”

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