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Kanye West has ‘zero respect’ for his wife Bianca Censori, friends claim

Kanye, 46, posted a trio of pictures of Bianca to his 18.4 million Instagram followers on Tuesday, 

Concerns for the well-being of Australian beauty Bianca Censori have resurfaced among her friends, who accuse her husband, Kanye West, of sharing ‘sexually inappropriate’ pictures of her to promote his new album.

Kanye, 46, posted three photos of the 28-year-old architectural designer in a black string bikini top and thong, as well as a fur crop top, to his 18.4 million Instagram followers on Tuesday.

These images, which bear a resemblance to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, have sparked worry among Bianca’s friends, who recently staged a successful intervention regarding her relationship with the rapper and his perceived ‘controlling ways.’

Despite their previous intervention, fears are growing that Bianca is losing control over her autonomy, with insiders claiming she is now disregarding attempts by her friends to reach out to her.

‘Kanye is just foul, and he clearly has zero respect for his wife for humiliating her like this,’ an insider told exclusively.

‘It is massively concerning to her friends. They find it absolutely disgusting and slightly abusive that he is using her to promote his new music.

‘It was clearly not Bianca’s idea to wear the raciest most sexually inappropriate things she could find and post photos of herself on wearing them.’

They continued: ‘She is trying to make her into Kim, and it is so concerning. It is alarming that she agreed to do this and, once again, she is not responding to anyone.’

Kanye shared the images as he prepared to drop his new song with Travis Scott on Tuesday, ahead of the release of his new album, Vultures, which is expected later this month.

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