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Justin Timberlake made ‘awkward’ appearance after Britney Spears revelations

Justin Timberlake made ‘awkward’ appearance after Britney Spears revelations

Justin Timberlake appeared “awkward” during his first public appearance following a string of shocking allegations regarding their relationship made by Britney Spears.

The 42-year-old musician made an appearance at his movie Trolls Band Together’s Los Angeles premiere. He was accompanied at the function by his spouse Jessica Biel and other members of the NSYNC band.

After Britney disclosed that she had an abortion while dating Justin, body language expert Judi James claimed Justin appeared to have a “desire to hide” during the premiere. The 41-year-old said in her novel The Woman In Me that she had the abortion in response to Justin’s declaration that he wasn’t ready to be a parent.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Judi said: “Justin seems to want to melt in with the relaxed vibe of the rest of his group here but his body language just isn’t helping.” She explained: “Wearing the only pair of shades in the line-up tends to suggest he’s keen to keep a barrier up as the eyes are one of the most revealing parts of the body.”

Judi also asked Justin to pose with his wife Jessica. She said: “His pose looks a little awkward, too. He’s being touched by the others but not joining in that signal of camaraderie.”

“Instead he has one hand stuffed into his pocket. Two might look like a laid-back pose but one suggests a subtle desire to hide.”

The expert added: “His smile looks a little forced here and that head-tilt suggests a request to be liked.”

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