Jackie Chan, Ralph Macchio announce New ‘Karate Kid’ Movie in cheeky video

Jackie Chan, Ralph Macchio announce New ‘Karate Kid’ reprisind roles

Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan are coming back reprise their iconic roles from the Karate Kid universe.

The actors are certain that the sixth and final season of Cobra Kai won’t be the end of the Miyagi-verse. 

Sony Pictures revealed on Tuesday that the two are reuniting as their beloved Karate Kid characters for a brand-new movie that will hit theatres early next year.

Sony Pictures claims that the film will combine and carry on the mythology of the previous films while setting the tale in the East Coast and centering on a Chinese adolescent who turns to martial arts and a stern but wise master for guidance and strength.

While the studio revealed that Macchio will play Daniel LaRusso again from the first three Karate Kid films, which started in 1984 when Macchio’s character moved to California and trained under Mr. Miyagi, played by the late Pat Morita, to become an unlikely karate champion, other plot details are being kept under wraps.

Chan is coming back to play Mr. Han from the 2010 film adaptation, which tried to bring the Karate Kid tale up to date for a wider range of contemporary consumers.

Chan’s handyman was a Kung Fu instructor who trained Jaden Smith’s Dre Parker, following in the footsteps of Morita’s Mr. Miyagi.

Chan and Macchio reveal in a video that was made public on Tuesday that in addition to reprising their parts, they will help in the global hunt for a Chinese actor to portray the new karate kid and take the lead in the film. 

The two asked aspiring actors to send audition tapes.

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