Indian Railways Inaugurates Punjab’s First-Ever ‘Restaurant On Wheels’ At Pathankot Cantt Station

Railways is setting up rail coach restaurants across various stations in the country. The newest one has been inaugurated at the Pathankot Cantt railway station, and it is the first of its kind in Punjab, railway officials revealed. This new restaurant has been designed on the idea of serving food on wheels. The new Restaurant on Wheels is developed using old railway coaches that have been refurbished to deliver a premium ambience like mainstream restaurants. The whole idea is to deliver a distinctive experience to consumers, which other restaurants fail to provide. Moreover, it is the second initiative of the Ferozpur Division of Indian Railways, the first being established at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra railway station.

In this air-conditioned restaurant, passengers can enjoy food at the station itself at affordable rates, said officials, adding that this facility will be available 24 hours for rail passengers and the general public, and will provide them with a unique experience.

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Similarly, Indian Railways has inaugurated such a restaurant in Rourkela city in western Odisha, where users have the opportunity to dine in a restaurant on a railway coach. The restaurant, which is the initiative of a Kolkata-based company, opened its doors to the public before this Durga Puja, Rourkela railway station manager confirmed. The restaurant is operational near the second gate on the northern side of the busy railway station. The second gate was chosen as the first gate or the main entrance and platform 1 has several restaurants and eateries, and it should interfere with their business.

Furthermore, there are several other restaurants of this kind across the nation, including one CSMT in Mumbai, Nagpur Railway Station, and Asansol. The first one across the nation was inaugurated in Asansol, Assam. All of these restaurants came into existence using the old coaches, and they are targeted to generate strong revenues for their respective zones.

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