In a major discovery, copper coins recovered from Mohenjo Daro

Director of conservation and preservation says coins had been sent to a laboratory for analysis

Mohenjo Daro. —

SUKKUR: In a major discovery, a team of experts discovered a pot full of copper coins from archaeological site, Mohenjo Daro, during conservation work, The News reported Friday. 

Sources revealed that a group of labourers were excavating a collapsed wall when they came across a pot full of ancient copper coins in the ancient city. 

Director of Conservation and Preservation Syed Shakir Shah confirmed that a number of coins carefully packed in a pot were recovered and they had been sent to a laboratory for analysis. 

He told The News that research would be undertaken to analyse how old these coins were besides interpreting the language and numbers inscribed on them.

Shah said labourers recovered the pot of coins during excavation but buried it again. Later some of them informed the officials of the archives department who then dug them out. 

He said some of the archaeologists were of the view that these coins were centuries old, but nothing could be said with certainty at this point in time. The exact time period and other relevant details could only be confirmed after a laboratory analysis, added the director.

Mohenjo Daro is a 5,500-year-old heritage site in the world. It is referred to as the “queen site” as no other example of a civilisation’s planning and administrative capability has been found in any of the archaeological discoveries in the world.

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