“Emmynent Comedian”: Amul Honours Vir Das’ Emmy Win With A Quirky Post

Vir Das made India proud at the 51st Emmy Awards. He won an award under the best comedy category for his OTT special, Vir Das: Landing. The actor-comedian has been receiving love and appreciation from all corners. Now, Amul has shared a special topical for the “Emmynent Comedian” Vir Das. The dairy brand’s illustrations featured Vir Das holding the prestigious Emmy Award, symbolizing the comedian’s remarkable achievement. “Our Emmynent Comedian,” the diary giant wrote. “Amul wins every day!” the text in the picture added. The caption read, “#Amul Topical: Vir Das wins prestigious award!” Vir Das reposted the image with a heartfelt message on Instagram, saying, “Wow. Thanks, Amul India. Didn’t cry about the award, instantly teared up over this. To come home to this, for someone like me. Thank you.” Replying to the post, Mini Mathur said, “An Amul hoarding is the truest, most ultimate win. This is so exciting!”
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Fans have also congratulated Vir Das for his big win. A user said, “You know one has made it when you are on an Amul banner.”
Some have mentioned that he is now considered to be inducted into “India’s Hall of Fame”. “You are now permanently inducted into India’s hall of fame. Go cry. You are immortalized.”
A person declared that Vir Das has now “achieved peak success.” 
Echoing a similar sentiment, another added, “After this, you have achieved all. Amul. Great milestone.”
A happy fan commented, “So happy to see the tables turn around…Congratulations favourite!”
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Vir Das also shared a video of his Emmy acceptance speech on Instagram, where he expressed his gratitude with a love note to India. The caption read, “Thank you for your laughter.” In his speech, Vir Das emphasized, “More than anything else I am here for India. I would like to thank you for your laughter. It is a symphony of love, it is an orchestra of freedom, it is a universal lyric that reminds us we are not alone and it is the soundtrack to this idiot’s life. May it play louder until the entire world dances with us. Thank you. Namaste. Jain Hind. Assalamualaikum. Sat Sri Akaal. Love and peace. Thank you.”

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