Election Commission orders PTI to hold intra-party elections in 20 days

Election Commission orders PTI to hold intra-party elections in 20 days

ABC News.

23 November 2023

ELection Commission of Pakistan PTI announced the decision reserved 70 days ago regarding the intra-party election. The four-member commission headed by member Sindh Nisar Durrani held five hearings related to the intra-party elections, Barrister Gohar Ali Khan of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. Appearing as a lawyer. The Election Commission had issued a notice to PTI on August 2 regarding the intra-party elections, the notice regarding disqualification of PTI for not holding intra-party elections. The Election Commission had also issued a show-cause notice to the PTI, in the notice it was said that Tehreek-e-Insaf did not conduct intra-party elections as per the party constitution 2022.According to the intra-party elections were not conducted. The law of withdrawal of bat sign was informed for not giving proper response to the show cause notice.

According to Dawn News, PTI had taken a stand on the Election Commission’s objections, PTI had said that it had submitted the details to hold intra-party elections in June 2022 as per party constitution 2019. Submitted to the Election Commission in September 2022, the new party constitution was withdrawn after the objection of the Election Commission, an affidavit was also submitted by the party leadership in the Election Commission. In the decision issued today, the Election Commission of Pakistan Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ordered to hold elections in 20 days and submitted the report to the Election Commission in seven days. Reacting to the decision, PTI’s lawyer Barrister Gohar expressed disappointment, outside the Election Commission. while conversing he said that he was very saddened by Aaj’s decision. He said that this decision was delayed for a specific purpose, the mark of the bat will remain with us, we will challenge this order in the appropriate forum. Let it be clear. That the Election Commission of Pakistan, in one of its notices issued on August 2, had summoned Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan to his office on August 4 for failing to hold the intra-party election and said that the party would not comply with the order. Action will be taken against, Election Commission of Pakistan on August 2, Pakistan Movement Insaf (PTI) was given a final warning to hold intra-party elections and said that otherwise the party may be disqualified from getting election symbols. The Election Commission in its notice summoned Imran Khan on August 4. and said that action can be taken against the party for non-fulfillment of the order. In the issued notice, the Election Commission had said that the elections of your party were to be held on June 13, 2021, for which you were also issued a notice on May 24, 2021. was done, but despite that you did not hold the intra-party election. It said that after that you were also issued a show cause notice on 27th July 2021 for failure to hold the election, on which you had 24 Holding intra-party election by letter on August 2021.The Election Commission had said that after that several reminder notices were sent to you regarding the holding of intra-party elections, but you did not respond to them. And on May 2022, a final notice was issued clarifying that the intra-party election date to 13 June 2022 would no longer be extended.

It said that your party’s Chief Election Commissioner Jamal Akbar Ansari had submitted the new constitution of the party with amendment of Article 5 and its documents along with the intra-party election, but defects were found in it during scrutiny. And it was sent back to the party in June last year. In response, the party submitted Form 65 containing notification of party positions along with intra-party documents in July 2022, but it too was found to be flawed. And it was sent back to the party to remove these defects. It was said in the announcement that during the meeting of the Election Commission on March 28, 2023, the issue of amending the party constitution and intra-party election documents was discussed. In which the Chief Election Commissioner of your party along with Barrister Gauhar Ali conveyed to us the decision of the party that the party is withdrawing from the changes made in its constitution. It was said that your intra-party election 13 They have been pending since June 2021 and despite the extension of one year from 2021 to 2022, you are still unable to conduct intra-party elections. According to the Election Commission, if a political party fails to conduct intra-party elections, under the law He can be disqualified by his election symbol. The Commission has asked Chairman PTI Imran Khan to appear before the Election Commission on August 4, 2023 under Section 215 (4) of the Election Act 2017 and failing to do so, his party will be given the election symbol in the next election. may be disqualified for

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