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Cardi B stands firm in defense of ‘unproblematic’ Will Smith amidst gay love rumors

Cardi B supports Will Smith amid the accusations.

Cardi B rushes to Will Smith’s defense following fenial of shocking allegations involving Duane Martin. 

The actor’s ex-personal assistant, Brother Bilaal, recently made a startling claim during an interview with internet personality Tasha K, alleging an intimate encounter between Smith and Martin in a dressing room. 

Cardi expressed empathy for Smith on Instagram, suggesting that as Libras, they often face intense scrutiny and, when provoked, may respond with passionate outbursts that can be misconstrued. 

She urged against unfairly judging Smith, stating, “I feel like y’all doing that to Will Smith, and I feel like some people never f*****g change. I’m so tired of people picking on that man.”

Cardi also criticized Tasha K, for disseminating sensational information without considering the potential impact on someone’s mental health. 

Notably, she had previously dealt with Tasha K in a federal libel case in January 2022, where she was awarded over $4 million. 

Tasha had falsely claimed that Cardi worked as a prostitute and contracted sexually transmitted infections, a claim vehemently denied by her.

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