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Brian Cox reveals his favourite ‘Succession’ line

Many of the audience will hear Brian Cox’s favourite line ever from Succession and nod in agreement.

“I love you, but you’re not serious people … that really sort of summed it all up, didn’t it?” host Seth Meyers asked while welcoming Cox to his Late Night show.

“Well, actually, it was my favourite line that I had to say throughout the whole show,” said Cox. “I loved that line and I just thought, ‘Why didn’t I say that earlier?’ They were damned unserious most of the time.”

The Emmy-winning sitcom created by Jesse Armstrong that concluded its run in May used the statement in episode two of its fourth and final season. Cox, who portrayed the mogul titan Logan Roy, spoke the remark to his kids just before he passed away tragically in an episode. His words continued to haunt them to the end of the show and, as viewers are left to speculate, even after it ends.

Cox admitted to Meyers that he thought Logan had orchestrated Tom’s takeover of the media company, which was the series’ pivotal and concluding bombshell because he genuinely believed his kids were worthless. Reiterating his strict parenting style, he said, “They added up to zilch.”

“What I felt was that I thought Tom was very kind to him. At one point, [Logan] had a UTI infection and Tom actually helped him. And I think, ‘Well, you have to put up with my horrible daughter, so I have to give you something to reward you.’”

It appears like Cox has fully come around to the tragic decision, even if he first expressed his concerns that Logan died too soon during the run of the final season.

“I had people saying, ‘Oh no, I’m not going to watch it anymore; you’re gone, I’m not going to watch it.’ I said, ‘But it’s called Succession. That’s the whole point of the show. They have to have the succession.’”

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