BRB, Busy Laughing At Hilarious Video Of Content Creator Flaunting Her Cooking Skills

We all have that one person in our friend circle who loves to flaunt their cooking skills. No matter where we go or how fancy the restaurant is, the person would always point out an imperfection saying, “I could have made it better.” Relatable? Now, a video of a content creator talking about her cooking skills is trending. In the clip, Ivana can be seen sitting at a restaurant and using her phone. This is when a waiter, while serving her food, tries to have a conversation and asks, “You get in the kitchen often?” While confirming if he was talking to her, Ivana confirms, “Me?” He replies, “Yeah.” Wait for the answer. Ivana candidly says, “Yeah, I am a chef.” Of course, the waiter is surprised. He then asks, “Seriously?” Ivana’s LOL reply, “Well, at my house.”
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The climax of the video left the internet rolling on the floor laughing. Many believed that the waiter wasn’t ready for such a level of wittiness. A user said, “He wasn’t ready [Laughing emoticons.]”

A person added, “Laughing makes this funnier because you were so serious when you said it.”

A few also corrected the content creator in the comment section. “She is a cook, not a chef, the chef is in a restaurant or hotel, usually responsible for planning menus, ordering foodstuffs, overseeing food preparation, and supervising the kitchen staff. Cook is someone who cooks food.”

Another jokingly said, “Now imma tell people I’m a chef.”

A comment read, “I think he asked that because it seemed like she wasn’t paying attention to how he is serving her. Like bro just do what you gotta do, her response was good though.”

Some said, “Her sense of humour [clapping emoticons.]”
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After this, the content creator shared a video from the kitchen. She showed us a variety of dishes prepared by her. For the background, she has picked the viral line —- “Yeah, I am a chef”.

So far, the video has been viewed more than 22 million times.

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