Bradley Cooper plans on spending Thanksgiving holiday with Leonard Bernstein children

Bradley Cooper opens up about his Thanksgiving holiday plans on Stephen Colbert show

Bradley Cooper has recently shared his plans for Thanksgiving weekend on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday.

During the show, Cooper, who plays Leonard Bernstein in his movie Maestro, revealed that he would be spending part of his weekend with the late composer’s children.

“We are going to go to Jersey and then we’re going to go to Fairfield, Connecticut to spend it with the Bernsteins,” said the 48-year-old.

Cooper added, “I will be going to see the children.”

The actor mentioned that they were able to shoot scenes for the movie “in that house” and the family even let Cooper “wear their father’s bathrobe for the scenes”.

Cooper pointed out that he dedicated six years to prepare for the Bernstein’s role.

“His music was nuclear,” added Cooper of late composer.

Meanwhile, Cooper talked about his performance in the movie, saying, “It didn’t feel like acting, it felt like we were just channeLling these people, so it was so thrilling. I mean, I’ll never have an experience like this.”

Gushing over Cooper’s performance in the movie, the late Bernstein’s child Jamie told Variety, “It took our breath away, it made us gasp. We literally opened our doors to Bradley and his team.”

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