Brad Pitt receives major blow ahead of ‘Formula One’ movie release

Brad Pitt will portray a veteran Formula One ace in a a movie directed by Joseph Kosinski

Brad Pitt has been hit with a major setback amid the production of his new racing movie followed by Sag-AFTRA strike.

The Oscar-winning actor, 59, who is set to portray a veteran Formula One ace in an untitled project with director Joseph Kosinski, had to scrap hours of previously recorded footage after changes in sponsorship deals.

Pitt and his production team had recorded hours of footage on location during the first half of the F1 season, as the actor drove a Formula Two car with an added Formula One aero-package at the Silverstone Circuit in July.

However, soon after a writer’s strike ensued which ended in October. Meanwhile, the actor’s strike ended this month, resulting a change in the sponsorship deals, rendering any pre-recorded film unusable, an insider told The Sun.

“It really is a nightmare for Brad and the team,” the source told the outlet. “A lot of events had been earmarked for filming throughout the year which would have helped reduce costs rather than having to recreate high-speed moments and wide shots.”

They continued, “However, with all the sponsors changing it now makes the footage defunct. It’s gutting for Brad and Lewis who see this project as their baby.”

Alongside Pitt, the forthcoming movie is co-produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and British racing legend Lewis Hamilton.

Previously, a source had revealed that postponing production was a “massive call, especially financially,” amid the strike call. However, the Fight Club actor “listened to the concerns of the people he works with and wants to show his support.” 

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