Air Pollution In Delhi: 7 Essential Measures To Care For Elderly Parents At Home

Air pollution, a pervasive threat in our environment, endangers individuals of all ages, but it particularly affects the very young and the elderly due to their relatively weaker immune systems. The elderly often have comorbid conditions that put them at greater risk of developing severe health problems when exposed to polluted air.

Dr Sandeep Nayar, Principal director & HOD, Pulmonology, BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital spoke to Zee News English about some of the must-followed measures for elderly care during the poor air quality crisis in Delhi-NCR and other regions affected by the air pollution.

To ensure the well-being of elderly parents, it is crucial to shield them from polluted environments, as prevention is always better than cure. Here are some tips shared by Dr Sandeep Nayar for a easy elderly care at home:

1. Encourage Indoor Stay: Advise your elderly loved ones to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid exposure to harmful pollutants. Indoor spaces generally have better air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory issues.

2. Use Protective Measures: If venturing outside is necessary, ensure that they are appropriately protected. Encourage them to wear face masks to filter out pollutants and to cover themselves adequately to limit direct contact with polluted air.

3. Timing Matters: Discourage early morning walks or outdoor exercise. During physical activities, individuals tend to breathe more rapidly and deeply, increasing the intake of harmful air pollutants. Opt for indoor exercise routines instead.

4. Indoor Air Quality: Maintain clean indoor air by keeping the room clean and ensuring that windows and doors remain closed to prevent outdoor pollutants from entering. Consider using an air purifier with the appropriate filtration system to further improve indoor air quality.

5. Prevent Indoor Pollution: Avoid the use of candles, incense sticks, or any other sources of indoor pollution. These can release particulate matter and other harmful substances into the air, exacerbating respiratory issues.

6. Healthy Diet and Hydration: Encourage a nutritious diet that supports their immune system. Ensure they drink an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated, as this is essential for overall health.

7. Medication Compliance: Remind your elderly parents not to miss any prescribed medications. Consistency in medication is crucial for managing chronic conditions. In case of any health issues or concerns, they should immediately consult their physician for potential adjustments to their medication regimen.

Caring for elderly parents at home involves taking proactive steps to safeguard their health, particularly in the face of environmental challenges like air pollution. By following these essential measures, you can help ensure that your loved ones continue to lead a healthy and happy life, free from the adverse effects of air pollution.

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